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I'm borrowing Black from a friend and I want the best starter. I have played Pokemon Black before, and Tepig was da bomb (if you know what i'm saying) so should I get another starter, or should I stick with Tepig


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We'll it depends tepig has the advantage over most of the gyms in unova. Oshawott has the second best advantage over the gyms and snivy only has the advantage over a few of the gyms. So basically it depends if you want to have an advantage over the gyms or not.

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To be honest, Samurott ended up being the best starter for me. It's got great HM moves in Surf & Waterfall, which will you definitely need (Surf more than Waterfall) throughout the game. BW doesn't see a lot of good water types apart from Samurott, so I would really recommend going for that instead of Emboar if you want an easy game. Also, considering that Emboar doesn't learn any fighting moves via level up except Arm Thrust (you have to reteach Hammer Arm with a Heart Scale), there are better fighting alternatives, not least Mienshao and Scrafty.

Emboar is solid, but it was the only starter that I ended up boxing half way through my game when playing through Gen V. Seperior doesn't have the type advantage in most gyms, but if you mass spam Coil it becomes unstoppable.

If you want an easy ride, go with Oshawott. If you want a challenge, go with Snivy.

Yeah there are better fighting types in BW2 than tepig and darmanitan is a solid fire type. I'd go for water too.
I don't want my starter to end up being My HM slave, that's why I'm going to catch a Ducklett and make that my HM Slave.
put heat crash on emboar and kill everyone
also,just use a tm for fighting types,sheesh
Samurott having Waterfall & Surf doesn't make it just a HM Slave, because Waterfall and Surf are brilliant moves for battle. Something having Strength & Cut would make it a HM Slave.