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Well, I was sorting my Pokemon cards by rarity. I'm sort of a noob when it comes to Pokemon cards. I sorted them into piles like ones that have a black circle in the corner, ones that have a black diamond in the corner, black star, silver star. I saw some, a Diancie EX, a Mega Diancie EX, and a Mewtwo EX that had no symbol, but they all had a bigger black star with "PROMO" written across it. I put them all in a pile. But, one of my last cards, a holo male Meowstic, also had that black PROMO star. It was not an EX, not a Break, and I couldn't find anything different about it. Why did it have the "PROMO" symbol?

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Promo cards are cards that are not part of a regular card series (Steam Seige, Fates Collide, Soaring Skies, etc.) Instead, they are given out at specific retailers or events and are part of their own series. For example, at McDonald's one time I got a Pidove card that has a Promo star in the corner.

Collection of promo series.

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