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It's other moves are reflect and light screen. If I put miracle eye on it I will also put on psychic too. But if not it will have thunder wave and energy ball. I don't know which one to choose. Please help!

EDIT: the meowstic is male and it has prankster

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No, you definitely should not teach Miracle Eye to your Meowstic. Each Pokémon is only able to learn four moves, and if you're planning on using Meowstic against a Dark-type, you should consider a different strategy. An attack such as Energy Ball would be a much better use of this moveslot. Hope this helps!

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To add, instead of Miracle Eye and wasting a move slot, Meowstic (F) might as well use Signal Beam to hit Dark types super-effectively and slightly increase type coverage.
Good point, Malachite.