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I recently caught a mienfoo to level up to mienshao and it has an iv of above avarge with good at attack. it also has a good nature for attack,brave but it means that it will have less speed

should I ditch this meinfoo for one that isnt bad at speed or keep this one. help please!!!


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Im telling you leave this one because speed is one of the most important features in battle.
If you want a full attack and no sp. then go for adamant that would be perfect .
Moveset (if you require) :
Hi-Jump Kick (Amazing new power and STAB)
Rock Slide (Good power and to overcome flying disadvantage)
Drain Punch (Decent power and PP , regain health and STAB)
Bounce/Poison Jab /Dig or any other (Variety )

Best of luck training it and enjoy battling!!

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Give the Mienfoo a Power Bracer to pass the IV down and breed it until you get the right nature.