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Basically, I picked up the platinum game today, and chose my starter being piplup. It soon became powerful but I don't know which physical moves to give it. Can you get me a physical empoleon moveset (possibly including swords dance, not sure if it can learn it)

EDIT: Just thought I maybe able to run drill peck on it for fighting coverage. Other than that, I'm clueless


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Your Empoleon would have learned Swords Dance while it was still a Piplup, at level 11. If you made it forget, you can use a Heart Scale at the Move Relearner.

[Edit] Sorry, I was looking at the Gen 6 page when I wrote this. Prior to Gen 6, Piplup does not learn Swords Dance from level up. However, it did learn it from TM. My bad, good catch PX. [/Edit]

For Water STAB, you can choose between Aqua Jet for priority or Waterfall.
For Steel STAB, your options are a bit narrower. You will probably want Steel Wing, but Metal Claw is still an option (if weaker).

Keeping Swords Dance, you only have 1 slot for coverage. Drill Peck is certainly an option. You may also want to consider Earthquake.

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Piplup doesn't learn Swords Dance via Level up, just by TM btw. Also you could argue that you don't need Steel STAB and that coverage might be better.
Alright so I have an idea for a set now, it's gonna be swords dance, waterfall, eq and drill peck
Just for coverage and STAB