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In the old games, it was pretty clear and simple; killing a pokemon got you x amount of exp. If multiple pokemon partake in the battle, it's divided evenly amongst them unless one pokemon was from another trainer or was holding a lucky egg/exp share, in which case it would get more. However, these nice simple ways seem long gone; When the low level pokemon I'm training kills a lilipup, it gains more exp than my level 74 hydreigon does if it kills an identical lilipup. The low level pokemon also gets more exp if they both are in the same batle. Does anyone have a formula or something that shows the new g-v level based exp distributions?

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Easy, Say you were to KO a level 40 with a level 50, and normally it would have given 80 exp (That was a total guess). to you lv 50. But you have a lv 20 who would have gotten 140 exp had he knocked it out, holding a exp. share, so your lv 50 gets 80 exp divided by 2 and your lv 20 gets 140 exp divided by 2.

I hope that isn't confusing.

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I understand what you're saying, but what I mean is more about what the ratio is between the level of the pokemon you knock out, the level of the pokemon you use, and the amount of exp recieved.