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So, I've been going through the elite four a couple bajillion times to train my competetive team except I've noticed something.

As most of you know, most of the hoenn elite four members have a Pokemon that knows fake out. And they use it on me all the time, but 9 out of ten fake outs don't make me flinch, and I want to know why?

Bulbapedia says it's a 100% chance, does it have to do with switching? Why?


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Some of your Pokemon might have these abilities:

  • Inner Focus, which grants an immunity to flinching
  • Shield Dust, which negates any additional affects of moves (so in this case, it would negate the additional affect of flinching)

More possible explanations:

  • They might not be using Fake Out on the first turn that their Pokemon goes out- if this is the case, it will fail and not cause your Pokemon to flinch
  • Pokemon behind Substitute cannot be flinched unless a Pokemon with the ability Infiltrator uses a flinch-inducing move (thank you UKQ)

Another suggestion from UKQ... if you switch into the move Fake Out it will not flinch your Pokemon because they do not have a move pending.


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Hmmm... my crobat does have inner focus, but it's the only one... and I doubt that it's only been crobat having take out used on it....
that's all that i could find between bulbapedia, DB, serebii and veekun about fake out... can you go test it again and see if your crobat is the only one who isnt flinching?
im actually really curious about this so if you could tell me what happened that would be nice...
Well make sure you just didn't switch a Pokemon on in when they used Fake Out.

Also, it is possible to flinch a Pokemon behind a sub using infiltrator fake out meowstic: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/113638/is-it-possible-for-a-pokemon-with-fake-out-to-do-this?

Nit-picky things.
Thank you :)