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I just beat the Elite Four and watched the news special on TV about the "flying, red Pokémon". Now where do I go?

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Latias is a roaming legendary, which means she goes around the region and ends up in random places. I'd recommend going between two routes constantly, with a Repel up and your main Pokémon as level 40, so then the only Pokémon you'll encounter is Latias. When you encounter Latias after a while of running between routes, you should know that she will only stay there for one turn before running away again. I'd recommend getting a Pokémon with Mean Look to stop her from escaping, and then you can start using False Swipe to lower her health.

If you can't find a Pokémon with Mean Look, or if you're just too lazy like me, you can just throw your Masterball at Latias if you haven't already used it on something else.


Hope I helped!

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in sapphire, Latias should just be roaming the hoenn region. So all you have to do is check the map to see where it is and walk in the patches of grass where it appears on the map and just hope that you encounter it. Can be annoying trying to find it but good luck with it

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