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So I'm using a Mega-Gallade. And its moves are currently Close Combat, Psycho Cut, False Swipe, and Thunder Wave.(Last 2 moves, was using for Legendary capturing) I was planning a good move set for him, and I came to the conclusion of Close Combat, Ice punch, Psycho Cut, and Night Slash, as this makes for 0 resists or immunities, and hits 240 Pokes for neutral and 560 for super. However, this sprang up a thought: What is the best coverage possible? And after various attempts, I came to conclusion that that replacing Psycho Cut with Earthquake would actually increase the number of super effective hits by 38 Pokemon, bringing us to 598. So, my question to y'all is this: pick the STAB move, which effectively allows us to hit with an added 50% bonus to a 70 base power move, thus bringing it up to 105, or go with Earthquake, which already has a base power of 100 while at the same time hitting more things harder?

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Choose Earthquake as your Psychic type STAB doesn't matter much according to me. Earthquake as you said will help you hit around 83% of Pokemon that exist super effectively.Its up to you to decide though.

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