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This Is The Snorlax From Route 11 In Kanto Any Help?

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Only its pre-evolution, Munchlax, can learn Stockpile via level up in HeartGold/SoulSivler. Snorlax, unfortunately, cannot learn it in any way. You'll have to catch a Munchlax in another game, transfer it over, and train it to level 25. Evolve it, and you'll have a Snorlax with Stockpile.
You can breed for a Munchlax by giving the Snorlax you breed a Full Incense. (thanks for the correction UKQ)

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you use incenses to breed for a Munchlax in HG/SS? Or was that mechanic introduced later?
Yes I believe you can.
Thanks! Guess No OP Snorlax For Me :( its fine tho
Happy to help!