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I am in the process of "catching them all" (in the first gen), so I decided to purchase Pokemon yellow in english. I already had Pokemon red in german, and I was wondering whether it was safe to trade and battle Pokemon between the games, or if it would corrupt them. I have looked online for a while and never found a direct answer. Thanks!

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I believe its impossible but Im not sure.

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Trading between a German Pokemon Red and English Pokemon Yellow will not result in any corruption of the two save files. The only corruption that could ever occur with trading between different languages was in the Japanese and English versions of the generation one games, and since you're using the German version, I promise you it is 100% safe to do. The reason behind the Japanese and English versions corrupting when they attempt to trade is because of the differences in RAM location. The German version should have the same RAM location as the English version, so they're compatible.


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I too have an german pokemon red  and i have an english pokemon silver does the same work with theese too games