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I've always pronounced it "kai-yur-em"
I say key-rum
I say just like it is written: Kyurem

But in a simplest way I say: Kiuram (but the only difference is the spelling)
cuy-rum or q-rum (say q like you would say in the abc's)
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Cur-rum or Ki-rem

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Kyurem is a romanisation of it's Japanese name, therefore it's highly likely it's pronounced like it's Japanese name (i.e. exactly how it's spelt): 'kyu-rem'. The American voice actors in the anime will make it sound like it's 'kee-rem' but I'm sure 'kyu-rem' is what they're trying to say.

Hope I helped. :)

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the anime says "keer-rem" but 3d pro (most reliable pronunciation site) says "que-rem"