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Hello everyone.

I'm sorry for my english... But i'm french and I wasn't serious at school for learn english ... Hem!

I search to make my own Rain team ... And I need to use Magnezone. But i'v a litle problem to choose his Hidden Power.

He is in a Rain Team ... And the rain boost aqua damage ... (but less for fire)

  1. Use Fire for killing grass pokémons (but -50% damage) ?
  2. Use Aqua for the 50% bonus with Rain Dance?
  3. Use Ground for killing ennemies of Magnezone ?
  4. Use Venom for killing grass enemies too ?
  5. Use Ice for ... Hum ... I don't know. But i'v already Kingdra and Poliwrath with Ice Beam.

Or do I need to use an other element for hidden power ?

Than for your help.

PS: IT's a G5 team. Eternal Rain Dance with Politoed


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I'd choose HP water for the boost in the rain and since it counters magnezone's weakness to fire types and ground types. I guess it would depend on your preference on your team and what coverage you think is best. I would advise against using HP fire because even if it hits super effectively in the rain Its damage is halved so there is little point unless all of the other moves magnezone is using are already not very effective.