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I want to have Hidden Power Water for Magnemite (Coverage)
I'm going to evolve it to Magneton then Magnezone. Add a good nature to the answer please!
Tell me what personality it needs for Hidden Power Water.

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Hidden Power isn't based on nature or personality it's based on ivs. If you need to know what iv's are click here. So now that you know what ivs are we can get into hidden power.

The way hidden power is calculated is by whether or not your iv in a certain stat is odd or even. This is going to be easier to show. These are all the combinations that will be water.

Water E O O E O E

Water O O O E O E

Water E E E E O O

Water O E E E O O

So it goes HP, ATT, DEF, Sp. ATT, Sp. DEF, SPD. The first E or O is for your HP iv's the next is for attack iv's and so on. Now the best way to get a hidden power water Pokemon is that it would look like this: 31/31/31/30/30/31

This would be very very hard to get a Pokemon like this. Really just get a Pokemon with good ivs and Hidden power fire and you will be good. Just because I can, here is how you can check iv's in Pokemon X/Y or with an iv calculator online. Here is the X/Y one and here is the calculator. Also here is my source for Hidden power types.

Hope this helps!!!

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Missed the X/Y one :P
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Hidden Power isn't dependant on personality, it depends on the IVs your Pokemon has. For Hidden Power [Water] you need-


This means that the IVs in each respective stat must be odd or even as shown above. The first on is HP, the second one is Attack, the third Defense, and the rest are Sp. Atk., Sp. Def. and Speed in the respective order. So your IVs must be like the combination above or else you won't get Hidden Power [Water]. I suppose you are trying to cover Ground-types, but I reccomend Hidden Power [Ice].

Ice O O O O O E
Ice E E E O O O
Ice O E E O O O
Ice E O E O O O

You should aim for the first one. It gives you the ability to have 5 perfect IVs(31 is an odd number, I guess you know that), and the speed IVs don't matter anyway. It also covers Grass-types(Electric is not very effective on Grass). As for Nature, I would go for a Modest Nature because it boosts your Sp. Atk. at the the cost of your Attack stat, which is useless on Magnezone.

^The Hidden Power Types and the IVs required.

Hope this helps!

Do not forget I'm covering fire types as well.
How do you find the Iv out though. (at level one)
Thanks the info you gave me may help. Cheers.
I have pokemon white.
You can go to the Judge in Kiloude to find out which are Perfect. For the others, just go into an online battle with it, it will become lv. 50, then use an IV calc to find out the IVs.
I've been breeding magnemite and the hidden power I keep getting is bug and it seems impossible to get hidden power water.
This is what I've been putting in day-care:
with everstone magnemite ( to pass down modest) It has capable of taking hits. The baby magnemites gets bug hidden power though.
You'll have to keep trying
Yep. Just keep breeding.
You should select a BA for this question by the way.
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Here's a good nature and IV spread for Magnemite:

IVs: O/O/O/E/E/O

O = Odd number, at max 31
E = Even number, at max 30

Hence the characteristic it should have should be something like:
- Alert to sounds
- Capable of taking hits
- Likes to thrash about
- Take plenty of siestas

The best IV spread you could ask for to get a Water type Hidden Power would be 31/31/31/30/30/31

A good nature, in my opinion, would be Modest (+Sp.Atk, -Atk).

Hope I helped!