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I go to a Pokemon club at my school and it's where I do most of my battling, tcg and vg alike. I was in the middle of a tcg battle and my opponent sent out a Gardevoir EX, he hadn't put it's previous evolutions (let alone Gardevoir) down before but the card said it was a basic so he thought that he could place it on it's own, I'm wondering if that is actually aloud because I can't find anything on it.

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All EXs from Black and White onwards are basic Pokemon, and you can place them down directly

These EXs are not like the exs from the cards of the ex sets such as exSandstorm or exHolon Phantoms. It is perfectly legal to place down an EX card directly if it is a basic Pokemon. Any basic Pokemon can be placed down directly, whether it is a Bidoof or Gardevoir-EX

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