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Being one of the noobs in the tcg game I find it very frustrating going up against EX filled decks which uses sheer power more than actual strategy (if I sound a little bitter it's because I lose a lot). And this got me thinking: is it even remotely possible to win a tournament without EX's and if so, what are these decks made of?

Being in South Africa I posted it onto a local forum and only got 2 responses. Any other opinions?

The 2 responses were.

*1. Try Garchomp/Altaria... it's still extremely good, and no EX's there!


2. Mm, I don't have any other better suggestion than the Garchomp/Altaria, but....

Your deck does not need to be full of EXs to win. You might think of trading or getting
one or two EXs for a particular type of deck? For example the PlasmaKlang Deck only needs
2 Cobalion EX or 1 Cobalion EX and 1 Registeel EX.

The EXs have their power players but they also have some nifty attacks to add to a
strategy of a deck. The only EX that every needs at least one of is a Mewtwo EX and you
can now just buy that one in a tin. MewTwo EX Tin

I know how you feel a bit though. Coming from the Cape Town Regionals and all of the top
4 decks but one are just running big basic EXs. I watched the games just to learn moves
*and strategics of the big basics, but it was not fun to watch. :(


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You bet they aren't!
Look, there are plenty of cards (namely Dragon Types and Fire Types) who can match up to a strength of EX cards. The risk of playing with EX's is Prize Cards, and the way that the game can end at one defeat of an EX. Overall, EX's really aren't necessary and do not do a whole lot different from a couple of strong cards. So the overall answer is; no.