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1st Card :

There is a Rayquaza C card with Cynthia's icon on the side.Below the picture it sais : Team Galactics Pokemon.is this a fake card since C stands for champion ?

2nd card :

There is a Pikachu card but the name sais Pachirisu.Is it fake ?


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  1. Probably a fake If this is the Rayquaza card
    enter image description here

  2. Well, I've searched alot at google trying to find that Pikachu card but I dont find it sorry
    But it is Probably a fake too.

One question where did you buy the cards?
enter image description here
Is it this card?

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Well,you don't know.I bought them from a local game shop near my house.
They are from the box : Platinum Supreme Victors
Ok good to know
yes ! that pikachu card !
Well i think they printed your card wrong.
so it is fake ?
no its not fake-pikachu card
Pokemon cares about its cards , there are  ALMOST NEVER misprints on real pokemon cards.
Querty, THAT was an irrelevent necropost, right?

Anyway, this was asked in 2013, and was already resolved. You didn't add any value to the question, and bumped it to the top of Recent Activity for nothing. In the future, please look at the date the question was asked.