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I recently received a few EX and Mega - EX Pokemon cards that I am suspicious are fake.
The holographic part covers the entire card, and isn't detailed, it just makes the whole thing shine.
The colors seem a bit off.
Not only the front but the back is waxy. It doesn't feel like other EX cards I have.
The cards seem off-center.
There is not a line running through the center of the card if you look at the edge.
Are these fake?
(The cards are Gardevoir-EX, M Diancie-EX, M Manectric-EX, and Lunala-GX.)

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Can we see some pictures of the cards?
I'm not sure how to add pictures to posts.
Upload them to https://imgur.com/ and then edit them into your answer.
You mayyyy also wanna tell where you bought them.
Well, I can't really answer that without a picture of the front and back of each card, if you can upload them, I will be able to tell you. On the other hand, they sound fake to me but I can't be 100% sure on that one.
If you compare it next to a real card and the letters are different they are fake.

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This seems pretty fake to me. How 'bout you get some tape and rip it apart. If it doesn't have some Black Markings inside, it's fake. But it's real if it does.

Source: A Method I made on my own.