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I have a sharpedo name oranguru (from my friend. He didnt scam me in any way, I just thought it was cool and wanted it)nd a class mate has a talonflame with the picture of a fletchinder. Note: I won't get rid of the sharpedo because it seems realy cool.

Does that answer your question?
Yes einstein, it does.
I'm gonna make my comment an answer.
I would just like to say that the way that cards are made, misprints have very distinct looks and therefor physically cannot be misprint in certain ways (Like alternate names, not really possible), not to mention that the factories often document misprints they sell, if any aren't destroyed, and record how many, what card, and how it was misprinted. they usually destroy them, which is why they are quite rare. :P
I remember one time i bought a booster pak and the pokemon had over 3000 health. lol

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I found an exact replica of your Sharpedo card on this site: https://aminoapps.com/c/pokemon/page/blog/opening-fake-pokemon-booster-packs/0ehk_uYaDewM0YEqJY2XB77vGrm6Qv
They said it's from a fake Booster Pack.

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yes its fake , any Pokemon card with a picture that doesent match the name or vice versa is fake.