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My brother said Pokémon cards usually are bigger then the one Pokémon card I got from the McDonalds. I don't really believe that, because he had Pokémon cards, a very long time ago. So, I just wanted to be sure.


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I fixed the image and re-scaled it. The problem is, what you linked was not an image -- it was only a link to a Google result. It needs a direct link to the image URL, which usually ends in a file extension like .png .jpeg or .gif. You can check by pasting the link into a new tab; it's OK if it brings up the image and not a webpage.
They're legit, but I can't recall the source...

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These are promotional cards, and are legit (they can be used in tournament play if they are in the current cycle). These are distributed every year by various sources to promote the PTCG. That specific card is from the McDonald's Collection 2017.

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