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I've been trying to collect all the Oricorios, and Pa'u is the last one I need. I know it's probably on Akala island, because I found Pom-Pom on Melemele, Baille on Ula'ula, and Sensu on Poni. I'm wondering if there's an "Akala Meadow," because that's where I found the other three (Melemele Meadow, Ula'ula Meadow, Poni Meadow). Thanks in advance :)

The alternative is to catch an Oricorio on another island, and then use the Pink Nectar that you can obtain from the sparkling flowers in the Battle Royal courtyard area.  This works with similar nectar of all the colored flowers to change the Oricorio it is used on to the matching form.

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You have a 20% chance of finding Pa'u Oricorio on the southern part of route 6.


All right, thanks!