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Can you get a sensu oricorio before beating the elite four in Moon, either by catching one or getting the nectar to use on a different style?

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Yes, I don't know which one it is but

Yellow nectar is in island 1 where Cosmog get lost the 1st time
Pink Nectar is under the Royal Dome, where there's a little fountain/lake
Red Nectar can be found in the plain with red flowers
the nectar for ghost type can be found in the cave in poni island, around the girl with a Probopass

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You can catch a Sensu Oricorio is Poni Meadow, as far as I know that's before defeating the elite four. To get there just walk along Ancient Poni Path. You will encounter an intersection. The way leading up is to Vast Poni Canyon, if go southeast, that leads to Poni Breaker Coast, but if you continue heading straight, you will enter a winding path. Follow it, and you will find yourself in Poni Grove. If you continue following the path, you will end up in Poni Plains. Keep heading straight until you reach the "Trainer Tips" signpost. Take a right, and head to the green directional signpost. Then take a left and you will see the entrance to a place with purple flowers draping over. Go in there, and that's where you can catch Sensu Oricorio. They spawn in around level 53-55, so make sure to have a strong team with you. Hope this helped :)

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actually I had to beat the elite four before the veteran would let me in :P thanks anyways