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I have confirmed that it's not from something about computers. (unless it's so obscure that it doesn't show up when I Google RKS system) The most logical explanation I could come up with is that it's a corruption of "Arceus". Can anybody come up with something better?


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That is the reason, by popular opinion. Not only does RKS sound like "Arceus," there are several other clues that point to Type: Null's connection to Arceus:

  • It was made to battle Legendary Pokémon. Not a connection to Arceus in and of itself, but it does imply that Type: Null is immensely powerful.
  • Silvally can hold items that allow it to change its type. Sound familiar? This is a direct parallel to Arceus' ability Multitype.
  • Silvally's signature move, Multi Attack, changes type depending on the disc held by Silvally. This is exactly like Arceus's signature move Judgement, except with discs instead of plates.


In spanish it's "Sistema Alfa", and in French it'0s "Système Alpha", Both mean "Alpha System". In German it's "Alpha-System" too. The Alpha Pokémon.
In Italian it's "Sistema Primevo", and Arceus is the "Pokémon Primevo".

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In Japanese, it's AR shisutemu. Did you really just list a bunch of foreign languages and forget the most important one?
It wasn't me, it was some Reddit dude :3
sorry for the rant. but the point of what i was saying is just because it has a similar move, ability and power doesn't mean it's a clone of arceus. the RKS system was put on Sivally to give it an edge in any battle. (the aether foundation is kind of crazy) so yeah, sorry about the LOOOOONG rant.
But in the other languages, it's obviously named after Arceus. There can't be a better explanation.