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I was doing a battle on Pokemon showdown, and my opponent's Garchomp used the ground z-move on my Tapu Lele, and this happened:

The opposing Garchomp unleashes its full force Z-Move!
The opposing Garchomp used Tectonic Rage!
Tapu Lele couldn't fully protect itself and got hurt! (placeholder)
Tapu Lele lost 36.3% of its health!

Is this saying that Pokemon can't protect through z-moves? I hadn't noticed this before while playing through the game. If this is the case, by how much is the damage that it would've taken decreased by protecting? Or is something else going on here?

Replay(go to turn 4)

Beast Boost looks like a terrifying ability.
how is that relevant, astro?

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No, Protect does not bock Z-Moves. Or, rather, not all of a Z-Move's damage.

Z-Moves based on attack moves cannot be fully protected against by Protect and Detect and deal 25% of original damage.

Sources: Experience and Bulbapedia

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