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Do they have anything to do with Zygarde?

And what about Porygon-Z?

These are some of the things that keep me up at night...


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You know Pokemon X and Y? Everyone thought after it and ORAS would be Pokemon Z. But instead, we get Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Now keep this in mind: Z-moves and Pokemon Z.

I believe that Z-moves were supposed to be released in Pokemon Z (along with Zygarde who never got a chance to be part of the main story), hence they were called Z-moves, but was moved to Sun/Moon after it was cancelled (if it was ever actually planned in the first place) . Makes sense right? No, because everyone I ask says they don't agree.

But hey, that's just a theory, A Pokemon Theory.

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While I do, like you, think that Z-Moves do have something to do with Zygarde, I don't agree with part about Pokemon Z. As far as I know, Pokemon Z was just something that people thought that we might get after X/Y and it was never actually confirmed and later cancelled. For your theory to have some chance of being correct, that means that it was confirmed that Pokemon Z was going to be a thing, but it was cancelled, right? Unless, of course, it has been confirmed that Pokemon Z was going to be a thing but it got cancelled and I'm just behind on things.
Thanks, now I can sleep in peace :)
Your explanation doesn't make sense. I don't agree with it.
I dont blame you, I found it convoluted when I finished writing it too.

Simpler way to put it: It's tribute to Pokemon Z since it didn't release. Probably still gonna disagree, and I still won't blame you. Your answer makes a lot of sense.
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Apparently, "Z" is short for the Japanese word "ゼンリョク/全力/zenryoku", which means full force.

Another reason is the English word, "Zenith" which Kiawe actually says when he is performing his Z-move. "The zenith of my mind, body, and spirit of the great island of Akala. Become a raging fire and burn. Inferno overdrive!" Yeah...