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With Wild Pokemon now being capable to call for help or Sos. Has Ev training changed? For example instead of individually battling 50 Golducks for 100 EVs in special attack. Now you can KO the other Sos Pokemon, and accumulate all the Evs at once? And also does someone know of a Ev chart of Pokemon's yield Evs. Cause I need to Ev train in "Special attack & Special Defense".

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It's safe to assume that EV training has been revolutionised in Sun and Moon. A called ally Pokemon will have yield double the EVs its species would usually give; this EV yield continues doubling as more ally Pokemon are called. For example, if a Golduck were to be called, it would give 4 Sp. Atk EVs instead of 2. If one of the original Pokemon are defeated and another Golduck is called, that Golduck will yield 8 Sp. Atk EVs. This process will goes on and it allows a stat to be fully EV-trained with merely seven defeats! Better yet, these EV yields are further doubled with Power items and PokeRus.

And here is a comprehensive list of every Pokemon's EV yield, correct as of Generation VII.

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