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In a Pokémons summary when you press y it shows the ev's so my archen is ev trained in attack and speed with 4 ev in def. both atk and spe sparkle but when I want to battle royal dome to get my effort ribbon it didn't give it saying the Archen can put a bit more effort? I even fought more battles with and it still said it. pls hlp


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The amount a stat is trained is highligthed orange if it is not fully EV trained. A fully EV trained Pokemon will display in blue. I believe you need to 2 more defense EVs because if 252 were to go into attack and speed, then then there would be 6 EVs left to use.

Source: Basic knowledge and calculations.

Yup this is accurate. This image shows what the blue graph looks like: http://www.serebii.net/sunmoon/evs.jpg
LMFAO "Basic knowledge and calculations" XD