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Hidden power ice, ground or fire?

I'm not sure which one to get for Tapu Koko. Any help would be appreciated.

HP Ice is probably overall the most useful, but HP Fire is also a solid option for sneaking a kill certain mons.

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Personally, I would recommend Hidden Power Ground because it gets more coverage and covered one of Tapu Koko's Weakness which is Poison. Hp Fire and Hp Ice only covers 4 types, while Hp Ground Covers 5 types so you can take on more opponents. Obviously, Hidden Power Ground is the the better Choice.

Source : Experience

Electric resist steel for some dumb reason
Yea just realised that. But they are hard to counter if you don't have any moves that are Super effective against them. You can only take them on with T Bolt or Wild Charge. But however, Some steel types are also Ground types.
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Hidden Power water or fighting would be good for breaking down those mudsdale and other tanks.

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Hidden powers that would be good:
Water- beat ground types

Psychic- Beats poison types

Edit: Any hidden power to beat steel isn't recommended since electric cancels it from being super effective cause of your fairy typing.

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