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What is a great water Pokémon? I used my Poliwrath up to end game and I'm starting to consider something else because the fighting element of Poliwrath is rather annoying. I would prefer to not go for Gyarados/Wimpod as they're overused. This is my team: Gengar, Magnezone, Braviary, Magmortar, Machamp, Poliwrath

Dhelmise is a good pokemon but its not to overused.
Slowpoke is pretty good because you can catch it early game. But you can only evolve it to Slowbro unless if you can trade to get Slowking.
Dhelmise isn't a Water Pokémon.

I'm using an Araquanid right now and it's amazing, but most people overlook it for Golisopod.
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I agree with Astro. Araquanid is beast!!!

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I recommend Finneon's evolutionary line, especially level lv. 18+ with attract. If you know someone who can link trade with you and has a Poliwhirl and a King's Stone, have them trade the Poliwhirl holding a King's Stone (same thing goes with Slowpoke/Slowking). Vaporeon is also ideal, but you either have to find a Water Stone, or buy one for 3K Pokedollars. Furthermore, Whiscash is pretty awesome, but Grass Knot will do a lot of damage to it. You can also do an island scan at Akala Island on a Saturday or Monday to get a Marill or Spheal, at Poni Island on a Friday to get Samurott, or at Melemele Island on Monday or Wednesday to get a Totodile or a Horsea. Finally, some bizarre water Pokemon are Bruxish, Golisopod, Araquanid, Toxapex, Wishiwashi School Form, Ash-Greninja (even though it is popular/overused, it is still epic), and Gastron. Sorry for the long post! I hope this will help!

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So how does the island scan work.... I have a King's Rock** and all that for those however Horsea is sounding good for that Kingdra
*King's Rock
Go to Melemele Island on a Wednesday, scan 10 Pokemon QR codes (I use Google Images), press the Island Scan Button, hold the R button down, and it will tell you where in Melemele Horsea is.