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I want a permanent 10% Zygarde with Stone Edge, Earthquake, Core Enforcer and Dragon Dance in Sun. So I heard that you can get Dragon Dance and Core Enforcer by Zygarde Cores. Does that mean I have to get 8 Cells and 2 Cores? Also, what will be the level of the 10% Zygarde after I assemble the cells and cores? I wanna repeat this process after I get moon.

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Isn't Core Enforcer specific to Zygarde Complete though?
No, you get Core Enforcer by a specific Zygarde Core, don't ask which, as i forgot which one.
It's the one found on Poni Island I think.

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To get a 10% Zygarde with Aura Break, collect 10 or more Zygarde cells or cores, go to the Zygarde lab (on Akala island, route 15(?)) go up to the machine and make a Zygarde using 10% of the cells and cores.

To teach it core enforcer, once you've beaten the game, go to Hapu's house on Poni island, go to one of the rooms down the corridoor to the right and you will find a Zygarde core. Now go into your bag and use the Zygarde cube to teach Core Enforcer to your Zygarde. To teach it Dragon Dance, go to Olivia's room above her shop in Knonikoni city on Akala island and collect the core you find there. Now you can use the cube to teach your Zygarde Dragon Dance.

If you meant that you want one with Power Construct (one that can turn into perfect Zygarde), you need to collect all the cells and cores, then in the Zygarde lab you can make a 100% Zygarde then use the Zygarde cube on it to change it into it's 10% form, but it will still have power construct.

Zygarde cube

What will the Level of Zygarde 10% with Aura Break be before I become the Champion? I'm curious now because I already become the Chanpion in Sun. Is Dragon Dance obtainable before the E4?
When you make a Power Construct Zygarde, is it 100% right off the bat or is it a 50% Zygarde? It's a little vague.
It will be a 50% Zygarde with the Ability Power Construct.
That's what I thought, thanks.