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Besides Basculin? (Please do not include all abilities for both forms together of a Pokemon!)

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Apart from Basculin (Rock Head / Reckless / Adaptability / Mold Breaker)

The Scolipede Family too has 4 abilities : (Poison Point / Swarm / Quick Feet / Speed Boost)

as do

The Chandelure Family: (Shadow Tag / Flash Fire / Flame Body / Infiltrator )

This includes their pre-evolutions, i.e. Venipede, Whirlipede, Litwick and Lampent.

No other Pokemon have more than 3. ( the Legendary Dogs, despite ability changes stand at 3 each, and Gengar has Levitate and Cursed Body)


Also, as MM stated, these are changes between generations, probably to balance out their strengths. This is like the example Basculin mentioned in question. Otherwise, no Pokemon in a single generation has more than 3 abilities possible at a time.

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It is worth noting that Scolipede and Chandelure do not have more than 3 abilities in a single generation. They only have that many because their hidden ability was changed between 5th and 6th gen.
@~Rex the source you gave me says the Chandelure family has Flash Fire / Flame Body / Infiltrator, and that the Scolipede family has Poison Point / Swarm / Speed Boost. And what is post Ability ability?
Crap, that was a typo.
What is (Whatever you meant)?