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So I want to use the Ditto Glitch to finish the pokedex on Blue. If my special stat is say, 52, which Pokemon would appear, or will any appear at all? On this list, it says that the DEC number yields MissingNo.

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What are you asking? The question that you seem to be asking has already been answered in the question.
I'm sure you're just asking this for confirmation... but you've essentially answered your own question. If your special stat is 52 (or any other special stat that would yield Missingno.), it will yield the Pokemon corresponding to that decimal code.

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The special stat does correspond to the Pokemon, as the byte that saves the special saves in hexadecimal, but it is always the same value. The slowpoke example has a special stat of 21, which is the same as Mew's index number in decimal. Also the missingno you are looking for is in actually fact, Ho-Oh. Trade it to a gen 2 game and you'll realize it's a Ho-Oh.

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