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I ask because since the quick ball was originally made through apricorns and can still be made from them and since idk much about them I thought I would ask.

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You can only give Kurt one Apricorn; depending on the colour, he will make a different PokeBall. The possible resulting PokeBalls are listed below:

  • Red -> Level Ball
  • Yellow -> Moon Ball
  • Green -> Friend Ball
  • Blue -> Lure Ball
  • Pink -> Love Ball
  • White -> Fast Ball
  • Black -> Heavy Ball

As for your Aprijuice question, I had a bit of difficulty comprehending the mechanics of the ApriBlender. You can read through them here, but I believe that in order to create an Aprijuice that improves one particular stat is to make the Aprijuice with solely one type of Apricorn, depending on the stat.

You can see which Apricorn does what here but you will also find that every Apricorn (except Black and White Apricorns) have a strong and weak stat. The weak stat is the stat that loses performance upon Aprijuice consumption, but the mildness of the Aprijuice can lower the chances of the weak stat getting weakened at all! Aprijuice mildness is determined while you're mixing the Aprijuice. The more you walk, the milder it gets; 100 steps = 1 mildness point = one more chance at the weak stat not getting weakened. The Aprijuice can reach a maximum mildness value of 255. Note, White and Black Apricorns do nothing to change the Pokemon's performance. These Apricorns increase/decrease all stats equally, therefore no flavour would stand out and no performance stats would be affected unless other Apricorns were in the mix.

If anyone would like to add anything, please comment, as I did have a trouble comprehending the mechanics and I may have missed something.

Hope I helped. :)
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