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According to Bulbapedia, the Pokeathlon Dome has its own description. But every time I open my Pokegear in the Pokeathlon Dome, it says I'm in National Park.

Can you please show us an image?
This happens in my game too, for what it's worth.
It happens to me too, the game can’t comprehend the description for some reason, so it doesn’t show at all. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t. It’s an old school-game, so I expect a little bit of that. I’m sure it’s fine but I don’t know how to view it lol. Just have to get lucky.
This is incredibly vague. Do you actually know what you're talking about?
This should be a comment.

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This has been on the unanswered list for a long time, I remember racking my brains out when you first asked this trying to find as much as I could.

I get the same image as you on both of my Hg/Ss game.

I think that either may be a Bulbapedia error, or that the message we get is the description. I can't find anywhere online that gives a description of the Pokeathlon, not even my HgSs guidebook.

I hope this is satisfactory-- basically, I can't find any evidence that it actually exists.

It occurred to me that you could also be talking about this message, that is displayed on Bulbapedia:

"The Pokéathlon Dome
The Place for True Pokéathletes!"

... I'm pretty sure that's the signboard outside of the building lol, if that's what you were talking about, it's the sign right outside the building.

Hope this helped!

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I found this thing ( https://aminoapps.com/c/pokemon/page/blog/alpha-beta-part-10/Rzhw_u1KG0NjkMpPNdYVQK8RB4dWok ), which says the description is in the game's code but is unused.