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I noticed that you could get a lot of items from the Pokedome, but I don't know what or where it is. Help me!

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The Pokedome is a new addition in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

In the Pokedome you compete in athletic competitions where your team of 3 pokemon are pitied against 3 other teams. Whoever accumulates the most point throughout the competition wins.

There are a total of 5 Courses and they consist of 3 events each they are in this order.

Speed Course: Hurdle Dash, Pennant Capture, Relay Run
Skill Course: Snow Throw, Goal Roll, Pennant Capture
Jump Course: Lamp Jump, Disc Catch, Hurdle Dash
Power Course: Block Smash, Circle Push, Goal Roll
Stamina Course: Ring Drop, Relay Run, Block Smash

The Pokedome is located between Goldenrod City and National Park(the building before National Park you take a left.)

When you compete in the competitions you gain Athlete Pts. with these points you can exchange for many prizes such as Apricorns, Rare Candies, Held Items, and Evolutionary Stones.

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The pokedome is the replacment of contest in hg/ss. After your pokemon show how athletic they are you can win points. If you get enough of them you can buy wonderful items.