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I am playing HeartGold and I am choosing between the TMs for overheat and fire blast for my Houndoom.

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I'd recommend fire blast because you can get it earlier and more reliably use it multiple times in a row.
True, but Fire Blast always misses for me and it only has 5 PP lol
Both Great points thanks, but plz don't put your answers in the comments
What if they are their answers
That's not an answer. That's a suggestion that might work but might not work.
Oh ok thank you sorry
*arent sry for my mistake
What do you mean by that

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I would recommend fire blast. You can get the TM38 from Goldenrod Department Store, which is much earlier than overheat. Fire blast does more damage if you use it multiple times in a row and don't use items.

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Thank you, I will use fire blast then.
You're welcome I guess.
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Maybe white herb heat wave but overall if houndoom is this a sun team fire blast is fine though the bad accuracy could ruin things remember kids if it’s not 100% accurate it’s 50% in sun team fire blast will do you the job

Heat wave doesn't activate white herbs. White herbs are consumable items, and replacing them takes a long time. Fire blast is only 5% less accurate than overheat and heat wave. Sun teams are bad because the boost from sunlight is worse than the boost from swords dance, calm mind, or nasty plot.
Thank you, I am not planning for competitive battling but if so I will look back at your answer.