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Well, Overheat has 130 power, 90 accuracy, and only 5 PP. Flamethrower has 90 power, 100 accuracy, and 15 PP. Overheat lowers your Special Attack by 2 stages after attacking, whereas Flamethrower has a 10% chance of burning your opponent. These moves are both Fire-type and in the Special category. If you want more power, go with Overheat. But, if you want to burn the competition, I'd go with Flamethrower.

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If Overheat was used as a Z-move, its power will be 195 as Inferno Overdrive. If Flamethrower was used as a Z-move, its power will be 175 as Inferno Overdrive.
Thanks! I'll be sure to use Flamethrower then!
Wise choice, mein friend.