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I currently have no dark or ghost types in my team, I have been using drought ninetales with will-o-wisp and hex to cover this weakness but I'm wondering if perhaps houndoom or chandelure would be better choices. Thoughts on my situation? Movesets?

I use Chandelure and its awesome!!!
Its one of my main pokemon and beats most stuff that comes up with one or two moves!

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Okay, well if you want a more bulkier choice you should stay with Ninetales, since Chandelure and Houndoom are terrible defense-wise. If you don't though, this is gonna be a Chandelure vs. Houndoom thing.

Chandelure vs. Houndoom

Chandelure and Houndoom hold a fight with Sp. Attack. Chandelure has an impeccable Sp. Attack stat that Houndoom doesn't reach even through Mega Evolution. But even overall, a Mega Evolved Houndoom vs. a Normal Chandelure have almost even stats.

I would choose Houndoom.

Houndour evolves earlier than Litwick, who evolves all the way up at Level 41. That would evidently take a while, whereas Houndour evolves at Level 24. This would be a lot more convenient since Litwick isn't the best Pokemon to use.

Chandelure also has a more diverse movepool than Houndoom, but both still have access to Grass- and Electric-type moves that will defeat Water-types. Houndoom has four weaknesses and Chandelure has five, and Mega-Evolved Houndoom has a higher BST. So I would choose Houndoom, but it's purely your choice.

Houndour can only be found in X at Route 10, and the Houndoomite can be found in Route 16 between 8-9pm.

Hope I helped. :)
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Thanks, I think I will go for houndoom, mostly as he has fewer weaknesses and  I've always found ghosts strength against ghost rather inconvenient. But also houndoom, minus a few devilish details, looks a lot like my dog, so I'm going to get a female and name it Tilly :) But how can I lessen it's weakness to physical attack?
I would go for Chandelure then Ninetales and lastly Houndoom which is one of my most despised pokemon. Not even good as mega occupy mega slot with something like mega glalie or mega alterria or lucario.