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I'm currently playing Soulsilver and I want to teach my Ninetales one of the above two moves as the other three seemed pretty good already. I have both the TMs. Any suggestions?

If it has another fire type attack move in its moves it knows,go for solarbeam, if not go for fire blast
Fire blast is kind of outclassed by flamethrower, and solar beam takes a turn to charge. I'd say Ninetales's 2 best special attacks are flamethrower and dark pulse.
Don't use Solar Beam unless you have a sun team. I would advise this, because what if the other Pokemon is a Water type?, but if you can't make a sun team, go for Fire Blast (unless you already have a fire move).
If the other Pokemon is water type, then I think not using Ninetales is easier than using solar beam.
Ok, thanks.

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Flamethrower is better than both. It has more accuracy and PP than fire blast. (power doesn't matter too much when you're one-shotting most regular trainers) And it takes less turns to use than solar beam. If you really want one of those 2, then fire blast is better because charging moves (without an invulnerable turn, like fly) are generally bad.

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If it has the ability drought than solarbeam would be best for dealing with water types. If not than fire blast because setting up sunny day might be a waste of a move slot.

Should be noted that this is SoulSilver and Ninetales can't have Drought

Also, Solarbeam isn't completely unusable. It's not recommended, sure, but simply being two-turn doesn't mean it shouldn't be worth considering if you need Grass type coverage. Otherwise, Fire Blast is infinitely better.