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I'm torn between which one would be best for my in-game team. I just started a new game and I received a Vulpix in trade but I currently have a Litleo on my team.

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Ninetales for swag points.
Vulpix would be much easier to raise to any level, so I'd say Ninetales.

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Pyroar is superior in game, as Ninetails tends to run slow strategies best (confuse ray, will o wisp for example). It's stats are. .. okay at best. Both Pokemon tend to leave a lot to be desired, but Pyroar can do well through a majority, if not all, of the game.

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The best ninetales sets are all out attacking sets usually, especially if it's not an actual sun team.
False? That is only true for Smogon players who microwave play. Ninetails is built for disrupt plays. In tournaments, that is how it performs best. Running powerhouse nine tails is a wasted team slot because other pokemon do it better.  In addition, the OP specified in game. Ninetails is just not as good as the hype it gets.