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I am having trouble deciding on which one, but I do have planned novesets for them:

Fire Blast, Body Slam/Hyper Beam, Confuse Ray, and Fire Spin for Ninetales

Fire Blast, Sky Attack (doubting this), Hyper Beam, and Fire Spin for Moltres

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I think Ninetales and Moltres both come kind of late and take extra experience to use. Are you sure that's worth having the higher special for the small part of the game after you get them?
For me yep.
Chairizard crushes this game after 2nd gym
The main concern is wether higher stats apart from speed, or slightly more utility is useful.
They both come too late and if you really wanted a fire type you would've probably picked up Charmander earlier.

Since you're using Charizard already there's virtually no reason to use them, and far from worth the added stats.

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I personally would use Moltres but teach it fly and I would get it before the elite four then level it up a very good amount of levels.