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I have a Chandelure. I want a fire move (duh, for STAB). I have two possible choices, Overheat which has 140 power but lowers Special Attack (not something I want to do on a Chandelure) and there's Fire Blast, which has a power of 120 with no added effects. With STAB, Overheat and Fire Blast are ridiculously powerful moves, but I'm not sure what to pick. Is that added 20 power worth the 50% (two stages) drop in Special Attack? (PP is not an issue, as I have a bunch of PP ups and PP maxes) Thanks and I welcome feedback


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Fire Blast does have added effects. Chance to burn. Anyway, I would go with neither of those moves. I think Flamethrower is the best choice. It gives stab, and it's more reliable so it won't often miss. You could go Heat Wave with an even higher base power (100) but that is at the price of some accuracy (90%.)

incase you go for heat wave give it wide lense that way youll get power and accuracy