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It knows, Close Combat, U-Turn, Grass Knot and Fire Blast/Overheat.
252 Spd / 128 Atk / 128 SpA Serious Nature
Do not comment on anything else. Just tell me which move is better.


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Overheat is usually used to break walls. But considering your using it in sun Fire Blast will be hitting very hard also as well as allowing you to continue a sweep. So for that reason run Fire Blast. Though run Overheat without sun.

;) Sorry but I can't let you run that spread and nature.
252 atk / 4 satk / 252 speed and hasty :) I'm not letting you run serious.

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Lol, Blob. Thanks! xD about you telling me what I'm allowed to do and what not LOL. Well, thanks for the spread, tutor xD.
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This a mixed Infernape, which means the x0.5 SpAtk won't be much a downfall, and has nice U-turn to escape.
I would suggest using Overheat for higher power and bit more reliable accuracy also.