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Hey guys, so, I love this move in fire-type Pokemon, buuut, there's the problem of the Sp. Attack loss. How could I counter it?


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As said before, removing the stat changes by switching or holding a White Herb work. Switching is going to work best in fact. But there are two other means.

  1. Hackmons strategy: Overheat+Contrary. This will boost you Special Attack by +2.
  2. With Ninetales/Vulpix: Overheat+Power Swap. This will swap your offensive stat changes with the opponent. This means that you now are at the standard +0 Special Attack (unless your opponent has changed their Special Attack stat) and your opponent is at -2 Special Attack.

Switching: No real drawbacks, besides the actual switching out of your Pokemon. If you hold a Choice Scarf or Specs, this somewhat negates this negative side-effect, as you'd have probably been switching out anyways after netting the KO and they send in a counter.
White Herb: The worst of the options. This comes at the cost of a better item, such as a Choice item, Leftovers, Expert Belt, or Life Orb. A Specs/Belt/Orb boosted Fire Blast will be doing more damage than a White Herb Overheat.
Contrary: Absolutely no drawbacks, besides the fact that this strategy can't be used in standard play. Give a Reshiram this combo and sweep the world.
Power Swap: This comes at the cost of a moveslot and a turn. And having to use Ninetales, which is pretty useless outside of a Sun team. Ninetales would like the slot for a coverage or status move, and the foe can always just switch out from the -2.

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  • Switching out and switching back in removes the drop.
  • Give the Pokemon Nasty Plot or Calm Mind to remedy the drop.
  • Give them the item White Herb. It cures any stat drop, but only once.
Nasty Plot or Calm Mind seems like a good remedy, but I was thinking of someting more... permanent, like an item that stops the Sp. Attack from lowering. Guess that's dreaming too much. o_o Thanks! :D
remember, it only works once. So use Overheat a second time, and it stays -2 Sp Attack.
Nasty Plot + White Herb :D
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There's only one way to counter the effect. And that is them item White Herb, which sets negative stat changes back to normal. However, it is a one use item.

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Well, you could use White Herb. WhiteHerb. It restores all Stat Losses.

Source: Serebii

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