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for the arceus event that comes in a couple of months I want to get a dragon type special attacking arceus. but I don't know if there is a move that raises the sp. attack stat with 2 stages. I know there is sword dance for attack but is their nothing for sp.attack what arceus can learn?

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There are 2 moves that raises a user's Special Attack by two stages

  • Geomancy raises the user's Special Attack, Speed and Special Defense by two stages. Takes two turns to execute. Signature move of Xerneas

  • Nasty Plot raises the user's Special Attack by two stages

However, If Arceus acquires Simple through the use of Simple Beam , Calm Mind will increase its Special Attack and Special Defense by two stages (courtesy of bulbasaur_ggd)

Arceus cannot learn Nasty Plot or Geomancy but by using the "Simple" Calm Mind trick he can gain a +2 in Special Attack.

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Only possible if used in doubles. If Arceus inherits Simple, it can use Calm Mind to boost special attack and special defense by 2 stages.