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Let's say that Jirachi uses Doom Desire in 1st turn, Draco Meteor in 2nd (which lowers sp.attack) and in 3rd Doom Desire works. Is power of Doom Desire affected by Draco Meteor's sp.attack recoil??

Great question! I'm guessing you want to know if it is worth it to keep Draco Meteor? I don't know the answer but I'll try to find out.
Yes, you're almost right. I'll keep it no matter what but I wanna be ready when comes to battle. Thanks:)

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WRONG> Doom Desire takes place when it is used. Not when it strikes. Even if the foe switches to a foe of higher Sp Def, the damage will also be based off the first Pokemon who was targeted's special defense.

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According to the basic formulaic code of a battle scene, damage is calculated when the attack actually occurs. This means that Doom Desire should be influenced by boosts ONCE IT OCCURS.

So yes, based on this, Draco Meteor will bring down the power of your Doom Desire if it's used first.

That's pretty cold, man...but thanks:))