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I am planning to use a Mega Salamence and would like to know if I should use a Naive nature or a Jolly nature if I run Fire Blast. Can you also provide a suitable alternative for it.
Thanks in advance.


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Jolly -> + Speed - Sp.Atk
Naive -> +Speed -Sp.Def

I don't know why you are going to put a Jolly nature in a Fire Blast M-Salamence.
So Naive is the best nature, gives you Speed and don't decrease Sp.Atk!
Also Dragon and Flying types Pokémon are OHKO by Ice-types each are very common (Ice Beam??) and Fire Blast can cover from them.

Also like Mr Gamaken said, Flamethower is better than Fire Blast because of the accuary, it will be very bad if your Fire Blast misses.. but if your Salamence is a 4 special moves, you should put a Timid or a Modest nature which is rare to see, and if you want to give a mix-salamence (both physical and special moves in a set), Naive, Lonely or a nature that decrease Defense or Sp.Def is great, but have a nature that decreases Sp.Def because M-Salamence will have the Defense stat very boosted (80 ->120).

The only physical fire-type that Salamence can learn is Fire Fang (65 BP).
Remember you can use Dragon Dance with Fire Fang! M-Salamence has more Attack than Special Attack by 5 BST (145 Attack / 140 Sp.Atk).

Hope this helps.

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Flamethrower is used more often, To be fair I would use Timid for a special set and Lonely for a phsyical set, but you already have Fire Blast so I would go for Timid
Maybe he is going to run a Salamence with Physical and Special attacks.
In that case, Naive is the BEST, because Salamence don't need Sp.Def, even with 31 Sp.Def IVs and 252 EVs it would be OHKO by a normal Ice Beam STAB.
He didn't show details of what Salamence he wanted (physical or special) so I assume that he would use a Salamence with physical and special, so Naive is the best and not Timid but Modest and Timid were the best for a 4 special moves Salamence and that is rare to see.
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I would like you to edit your answer Defense is 130 Base and Sp.Att is 120 base
As you said Ice Beam is common so Naïve may be bad.If you're running offensive go with lonely.
Flamethrower is not better than Fire Blast on Salamence .__.
it is if your luck is horrible
also flame thrower has 90 power while fireblast has 110
20 power difference
FT has 100% while FB has 85%
15% accuracy difference
is the 20 more power worth it?
for me it isnt