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High-rating OU players almost always use a Speed-raising nature on Zeraora. https://www.smogon.com/stats/2018-08/moveset/gen7ou-1825.txt
I am pretty sure Zeraora is nature locked
No it isnt
Use Pheromosa (or Tapu Koko), instead. And not in the OU format. It's not like I think Zeraora isn't good enough ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

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Jolly is usually Zeraora's best nature. A jolly Zeraora can easily outspeed and one-shot things like scarf Heatran, mega Lopunny, mega Alakazam, Ash Greninja, scarf Bisharp, and Gyarados after 1 dragon dance.

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How come? You answered an opinion question. I would go with adamant for sure
Why do you think adamant is better? An adamant Zeraora can't outspeed jolly mega Lopunny, can it?
It can get past the rest of that list, but if both Zeraora and Mega Alakazam are going for all the speed they can get, Alakazam wins.
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Adamant. Zeraora's speed is already over 300 with 0 speed EVs and an Adamant nature, give it 252 speed and 252 attack, and it's attack would be 355, and it's speed would be 380, aren't those decent stats compared to a Jolly Zeraora, now a Jolly Zeraora has 423 speed (that's pretty high), but for the high speed, it costs it's attack to drop to 323.

I find a lot of times that 300 speed really isn't enough to out-speed most important/fairly common fast things - Stakatakcool

I don't get it, If 300 speed isn't enough to out-speed Pokémon, then 300 attack is just the same, right? If you have high speed, sure you can out-speed Pokémon, but you only have 323 attack, what are you gonna do if you find an Aggron, Slowbro, or Cloyster? They all have higher defenses than your attack. I'm pretty sure Adamant is the best Nature for Zeraora unless you use Bulk Up like mine, then I suggest a Impish/Careful Nature.

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Are there good reasons why you think adamant Zeraora is better than jolly Zeraora? Because being able to one-shot the extremely rare 0 defense Chansey is not a good reason.
TBH, now that Zeraora has dropped to UU, Adamant would probably be better in UU than in OU (but Jolly/Hasty will still be better than Adamant). But, as this question asks, Jolly is generally better for Zeraora in OU .
@sumwun, I been arguing about the reasons why Adamant Zeraora is better. Also, I used a Blissy (not a Chansey), with 252 Defence and HP to prove that Adamant hade more potential.

@Stakatacool, poor Zeraora, it's now it UU.
Are you more likely to run into an Ash Greninja that only jolly Zeraora can outspeed, or run into anything that only an adamatn Zeraora can one-shot? Ash Greninja is more common than Blissey, in case you were wondering.
How did this argument even start up again? I thought I ended it.