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I just want to know which I should be running on a D-Dance set.


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Though Jolly is preferred Adamant also works

I'd say Jolly as Most Dragon-types have enough attack already and scarfers are quite common.
Depends though. I listed the preferences below.

Note that I have only listed common D-Dance users

Charizard X: Jolly because Attack stat is high enough.
Gyarados: Once again Jolly as attack stat is high enough and decent defencive stats allow it to set up more.
Dragonite: Jolly. This thing is likely to get outsped otherwise.
Feraligatr: Jolly because 109 base Attack is enough and speed (base 76) is not great.
Tyranitar: 134 base Attack is monstrous as it is so Jolly as it has crappy speed.
Crawdunt: Jolly. This thing is going to get outsped anyways but there is less chance with a Jolly nature.
Salamence: Jolly. 135 base attack is massive and 100 base speed is average so Jolly.
Scrafty: Jolly again. Speed issues. This thing is slow as hell with 58 base speed.
Haxorus: Jolly. Attack is good and speed is not great.
Tyrantrum: Jolly. 71 base speed is not good at all and 119 base defence lets it survive a physical attack.

Majority of them take Jolly

Hope I helped!
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Actually they don't. Most do take Adamant, including the very strong ones, leaving out perhaps Crawdaunt (only with D-Dance, most run Swords Dance). Salamence rarely run D-Dance sets and when they do they usually take Naive nature.
I listed the PREFERRED natures qweerty.
I do not play by Smogon and am simply suggesting what will leave you out in the field longer
I didn't go Smogon either. I'm saying that most of them prefer Adamant for the said reasons. Tyrantrum, Scrafty and Crawdaunt run Jolly for low speed, but otherwise almost all of them prefer Adamant.
Just saying.
Pokemon with monstrous attack can run Jolly as their attack is high enough and extra speed doesn't hurt.
Just would like to know which would be better for when I use Mega Salamence, I don't mind using a hindering nature with Fire Blast.
What about Flygon, since it gets Dragon Dance in Sun/Moon?
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Adamant would probably be the better nature.

Simply for the reasons that at +1 Speed, you'll already be outspeeding the majority of whatever you need to outspeed. However, if your Pokemon is lacking the speed it needs (or you simply want to outspeed a particular threat) Jolly is a viable choice.

Hope I helped!

Dang. Det 11 minute difference :o
I think I'll go with Jolly.
This time the best answer goes to demat
I'm guessing Mega Salamence will be pretty fast anyways, and at +1 it might outspeed the whole tier. But your choice.