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I have Pokemon Moon and I only got a moon stone and a dusk stone. I have a female Snorunt and I want to evolve her into Froslass. I also have a Petlil and want to evolve her into Lilligant! I also like Gallade and Whimsicott. Can you find sun stones and/or dawn stones in Pokemon Moon, and if you can, where? Please answer, this will help a lot.


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Both stones are available in Sun and Moon.

Sun Stones can be found at:
- Blush Mountain (video)
- Via the Pick-up ability
- Poke Pelago

A Dawn Stone can be found in:
- Hau'oli City (video)
- Poke Pelago

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Source: Serebii's respective Itemdex pages

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You can get them on Pokepalagleo on Isle Aphun on the brilliant stone hunting path.
You can find most of the other evolution stones there as well.
Source : Serebii